DIALUST 2000 IMPEX SRL, founded in the year 1994, is known as a manufacturer of building materials – especially thermo-insulating panels. In summer 2008, Dialust 2000 Impex SRL built a production space with the surface of 4000 m², platforms with the surface of 6000 m², with modern subsidies, last generation equipments, generous office spaces. All these in an area with easy access from the roads point of view, in the immediate proximity of the ring road (Area Tuborg, Selgros – Pantelimon: Garii Pasarea Street, no. 10).
Herewith, our company increased its capacity of vehicle transportation, excavation equipments and with equipments for the work at high. The galvanized profiles were manufactured in year 2004, benefiting from a modern technological line of occidental origin, which was put at the disposal of our specialists in the field, in order to obtain some competitive profiles on the market, from the quality point of view.

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